Extension Methods Library enhance the .NET Framework by adding hundreds new methods to increase developers productivity and code readability.


Version 1.3.0 released!


Z.ExtensionMethods (CodePlex Download | NuGet Package)
Z.ExtensionMethods.WithNamespace (CodePlex Download | NuGet Package)
Z.ExtensionMethods.WithObjectNamespace (CodePlex Download | NuGet Package)

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Cheat Sheet (Online | Offline)
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Which library to use?

  • Z.ExtensionMethods never require "Using" statement to show extension methods availables (Recommanded for starter).
  • Z.ExtensionMethods.WithNamespace always require "Using" statement to show extension methods availables.
  • Z.ExtensionMethods.WithObjectNamespace require "Using" statement only for object extensions (Personally prefered version).

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