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2014 Q1 - Release V.

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Released: Mar 14, 2014
Updated: Mar 14, 2014 by Jonathan_Magnan
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Release Notes

Free and open source library with over 1000 helpers and utility methods coded in C# and VB.NET. Five different architectures available.

Official Website
FAQ - Choose your Extension Methods Framework
  • Breaking Change: Z.ExtensionMethods.NoDefaultNamespace renamed to Z.ExtensionMethods
  • Breaking Change: Z.ExtensionMethods renamed to Z.ExtensionMethods.WithNamespace
  • Fix: FileInfo.CreateDirectory
  • Fix: FileInfo.EnsureDirectoryExists
  • Added: DirectoryInfo.PathCombine (Combine path and return string)
  • Added: DirectoryInfo.PathCombineFile (Combine path and return FileInfo)
  • Added: DirectoryInfo.PathCombineDirectory (Combine path and return DirectoryInfo)
  • Added: String.ReplaceWhenEquals (Replace if the string is equal)
  • Added: String.ReplaceFirst (Replace first or X first occurrence)
  • Added: String.ReplaceLast (Replace last or X last occurrence)
  • Added: SqlBulkCopy.BulkInsert (Exactly like WriteToServer method)
  • Added: SqlBulkCopy.BulkUpdate (Bulk update data using specific column as primary key)
  • Added: SqlBulkCopy.BulkDelete (Bulk delete data using specific column as primary key)
  • Added: IsValid[ValueType] (Check if the object can be converted in the specific value type)
    • Support: Boolean, Byte, Char, DateTime, DateTimeOffSet, Decimal, Double, Float, Guid, Int16, Int32, Int64, Long, Sbyte, Short, Single, UInt16, UInt32, UInt64, ULong, UShort

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