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System.Windows.Forms.Form Extension Methods

Form.ToFullScreen Method

A Form extension method that set the window form to full screen mode to the specified screen.


void ToFullScreen(Form form,int screen)


The form to act on.
(Optional) the screen to act on.


 // Copyright (c) 2013 Jonathan Magnan (
 // All rights reserved.
 // Licensed under MIT License (MIT)
 // License can be found here:
 using System.Windows.Forms;
 using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
 using Z;
 namespace ExtensionMethods.Examples
     public class System_Windows_Forms_Form_ToFullScreen
         public void ToFullScreen()
             // Type
             var @this = new Form();
             // Examples
             @this.ToFullScreen(); // The Form is now in FullScreen

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